Bryher Shop Coronavirus Information

During the coronavirus pandemic we are pleased to say that Bryher Shop has remained open. However, things might look and feel a little different from normal.


We ask people to follow the following guidance to ensure our customers and  employees safety:

  • If you are coming to stay on Bryher please remember to place your inital order with us at least 1 week ahead of your planned arrival date. 

  • Be prepared to place multiple orders with us if you are here for multiple weeks (with at least 2 days notice).

  • If you are staying in one of the lovely holiday lets we will deliver your orders to you.​ Orders over £40 will be free of charge, orders under £40 will incur a £3.95 charge.

  • If you are staying on the campsite we are setting up a click & collect service. You will be able to collect and pay for your orders from outside the shop after 14:00, we will confirm a time with you. We are also putting together a breakfast order list that you can use to order baked goods, chilled provisions and other items to keep queueing in the morning to a minimum. See the pdf's at the bottom of this page.

  • We are limiting people to 15 items or less when shopping inside the shop, please bear this in mind when ordering and try to order for the week, as much as is possible.

  • We are continuing to only allow 2 customers into the shop at any one time.

  • From the 24th July you will be required to wear a face covering to enter the shop. No face covering, no entry.

  • Please try to avoid handling products that you are not going to purchase.

  • Please sanitise your hands when you enter and leave the shop. ​​

  • We will have a limited supply of beach goods which will be avaibale inside the shop.

  • If you fancy a pasty then please remember to preorder before 11am on the day that you want them, ring us on 01720 423 601.

Opening Hours from July 4th 2020

Monday - Saturday 09:00-14:00

N.B. Mon, Wed & Fri 09:00-10:00 Bryher residents only

Sunday Closed

This information will be updated over the next few weeks as more advice on the restrictions that we need to take into account are announced. Please be assured that we have been operating in this way now for over 3 months and everything we are doing is to help maintain your safety and that of everyone else on the island.  

Shop information for holiday lets

Shop information for campers-  

Camper breakfast order form

You can access our Risk Assessment here 


Further information and detailed guidance about what to expect when you visit the shop will be added here before the 4th July.

We are looking forward to you returning to Bryher and wish you all the best.